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Reinforced concrete joists

Reinforced concrete joists are primarily used as deep beams, grade beams and roofing joists in end facades. The cross section is rectangular and the joists are typically installed isostatically.

To ensure continuity above the points of support, they are equipped with braces on the upper side. This is made possible by second-stage concrete and local reinforcement. Dowel reinforcements and shafts or protruding reinforcement can be used for anchoring.

As well as rectangular accessories, L- and reverse T-shaped accessories are an option.


  • Rectangular cross section (dimensions per 50mm).
  • Fire resistance of 60 min or longer.
  • Other options: variable cutouts, starter bars, shafts, anchoring rails, notched placement.


The constant production conditions contribute to the high quality. Production is also subject to internal and external inspection. Did you know that our concrete mix results in lower air bubble formation, no gravel pockets and a smoother finished surface?

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