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Solid wall panels

Prefab solid concrete wall panels can be used as plinths, retaining walls, interior walls, firewalls, facades in ‘visible permanent concrete’ and loading bays. Concrete walls with aesthetic function are subject to subsequent handling or special production methods.

Need prefab concrete for your project? We produce solid concrete load-bearing and non-load-bearing internal and external walls to order in various concrete strengths and eco classes.

Characteristics of prefab walls

  • Panel length: always to order. Concrete walls up to 12 meters long, exterior facades up to 7 meters depending on the wind load, colour of the decorative granules and thickness of the panels.
  • Panel thickness: the solid concrete prefab walls are available in thicknesses from 14cm to 25cm.
  • The standard heights for the solid concrete prefab walls are 60, 120, 160, 220, 280 and 300cm. Other heights up to 400cm can be supplied on request.
  • We are always happy to discuss different prefab wall heights, lengths and thicknesses.

Finishing options

  • Willy Naessens houwe with pool

    Brushedconcrete panels

  • Willy Naessens houwe with pool

    Smoothconcrete prefab wall panels

  • Willy Naessens houwe with pool

    Texture matconcrete prefab walls

Brushed concrete panels

Brushed concrete panels give your building a classy look. They are low maintenance and colourfast. The look of the facade panel depends on the type of natural stone used. The inner side remains smooth. All brushed concrete panels are made to order, so anything is possible. The theoretical maximum length of these panels is 16 meters, the maximum height 4 meters.

Smooth concrete prefab wall panels

These walls are often used as facades, but they are also suitable as load-bearing or non-load-bearing concrete walls. They are made from prestressed concrete and can be finished in various ways. They are the ideal solution for structurally sound facades that can be installed fast and at low cost. They are always made to order. The maximum length is 16 meters, the maximum height 4 meters.

Texture mat concrete prefab walls

A specific texture mat or pattern can give concrete a special look. With structure mats the only restriction is your imagination. From industrial look to bamboo structure; everything is possible. Our inhouse drawing office and engineering section can bring your idea to life.

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