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About Megaton/Structo Prefab Systems

Megaton/Structo Prefab Systems is your first commercial point of contact in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg for all your prefab concrete needs. We have our own engineering section, drawing office and production plants to guide you through every step of the process.

We produce our own prefab concrete sections. The vertical integration strategy has long been key to the success of Willy Naessens Group. This includes our own production plants for all prefab concrete sections. Our internal and external inspection bodies (BENOR, KOMO) ensure the highest quality.

The Prefab Systems promise:


Each plant produces a limited number of prefab concrete products, based on a highly detailed level of expertise. Guaranteed quality.


Our inhouse drawing office and engineering section and project managers support your project, from production to installation, as a single point of contact.


We can coordinate your project as a one-stop shop for all your concrete load-bearing structure and facade needs.

Value for money

Our vertical integration approach allows our plants and project services to offer you the highest quality at the best price.

Why choose prefab concrete?

Prefab concrete has many advantages. It is not only cheaper than many other construction materials, it is also safe and of high quality. Let’s examine these advantages in more detail.

Prefab concrete is cheaper

Prefab concrete rates very highly on value for money. The low price is due to the environment in which our concrete sections are prefabricated: fewer errors, less waste and so reduced costs. The construction time is shorter, too, which drives down labour and transport costs.

Prefab concrete is of high quality

The regulated temperature, specialized workforce and ideal location drive up quality. But high quality is also driven by other characteristics of prefab concrete, such as shape retention, dimensions and weather performance.

Prefab concrete is safe

First and foremost, prefab concrete is fire-resistant. That means prefab concrete buildings are ideal shelters. The strength and elasticity of prefab concrete also speak to its safety.

Prefab concrete is efficient

Prefab concrete is easy to install, which drives down labour costs on the building site. It also has a very high energy efficiency rating, due to its thermal characteristics.

Prefab concrete is innovative

We are constantly looking for new and innovative applications for prefab concrete. We meet the very specific needs and wishes of customers by working to order. Such as incorporating ducts for electric wiring in prefab concrete panels. There are a wide range of finishing options in terms of colour, shape and special effects. We can even imitate wood structures in prefab concrete sections.

Prefab concrete is hard-wearing and environmentally friendly

Prefab concrete is not only economically sustainable, it also offers protection and comfort to users. The vast majority of production waste can be completely recycled. It also cuts energy consumption, due to its thermal characteristics. And local production ensures that the whole process is environmentally friendlier.


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