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Stairways and shafts

A certain expertise is required for prefab concrete stairways. Our Megaton Oudenaarde plant is specialized in the production of industrial stairway forms to order. As well as regular concrete stairways we also produce complex concrete winding and spiral staircases, which can be installed inside or outside. To complete the range, we also produce prefab platforms/landings, which link two flights of steps, often facing in different directions.

We also produce concrete shafts for stairways and lifts. Concrete lift shafts are composed of cylindrical prefab sections placed one on top of the other. These form a lift shaft in which the lift is installed.


  • Our experts can supply a full range of stairways and shafts.
  • Our inhouse engineering section can quote you the prices you need.
  • Our inhouse drawing office will produce custom drawings.
  • Choose prefab and save time on the building site.
  • All cement sections are fabricated in the same ideal production conditions.
  • Durable and easy to maintain, various anti-slip types are an optional extra.
  • Every stairway is custom-made, so you decide how it looks.
  • You can choose the form and finish that suits your needs and wishes.

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