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Solid concrete panels

Solid concrete panels are uninsulated self-supporting panels with only a partition function. They can be used as a facade panel, partition wall or firewall between two compartments. They are attached to a specially designed concrete (or steel) structure and come in various finishes.

Characteristics of prefab walls

  • Uninsulated concrete panels are available in thicknesses between 14cm and 25cm, with a maximum height of 400cm.
  • The panel length is limited to 16m. The length of panels subject to wind load (facade panels) is limited to 7m (depending on wind load, finish and thickness)
  • All panels have one smooth (brushed, with texture mats or smooth) formwork side and one rubbed side to industry standards.

Finishing options

  • Brushed concrete panels (silex)

    Brushedconcrete panels (silex)

  • Smooth concrete prefab concrete panels

    Smoothconcrete prefab concrete panels

  • Texture mat prefab concrete panels

    Texture mat prefab concrete panels

Brushed concrete panels (silex)

Brushed concrete panels give your building a classy look. They are low maintenance and colourfast. The look of the facade panel depends on the type of natural stone used. The inner side is rubbed.

Smooth concrete prefab concrete panels

Concrete panels with a smooth finish give your building an industrial, architectural look. These panels can be made in two grey tints or even all white by adjusting the type of concrete and adding dyes.

Texture mat prefab concrete panels

A specific texture mat or pattern can give concrete a special look. There are lots of options to choose from. Everything from an industrial look to a bamboo structure.

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